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The Roseville Seventh-day Adventist Church is part of a world-wide organization with more than 15 million members in countries around the world--that is a whole new take on multi-site churches. Our local church vision is to provide our community with the clearest picture possible of who God is--clarity inspires action. Our mission is to share God's amazing love within our community through our activities and our unique beliefs until Jesus returns, which we believe will be sooner than later.

To put it simply, we are about three things: Reaching UP (Discipleship), In (Faith-based community), and Out (service outside our walls). 
These words sum up our focus at RSDA. We believe that discipleship & devotion to God are the result of experiencing God’s grace, seen best in the person of Jesus. That grace, experienced, transforms and motivates us to reciprocate it to others within the faith community and to live it in our interaction with our neighbors, friends, and colleagues.  Our desire is to serve those in our circle of influence, helping them meet Jesus that they might know Him as He really is. Reaching is the response to grace!

Are we a Christian church? Absolutely. But since that term is becoming increasingly negative and challenged in the minds of many in our world, we like to think of ourselves as followers of Jesus--what the term Christian is supposed to mean. We strive not so much to claim a title as to represent a Person (Jesus). We don't always get it right, but we are truly on the journey. You can find out about our fundamential beliefs at the bottom of this page. 

We are probably best known in our local community as the "Nativity Church". For the last 17 years we have staged a drive-thru Nativity experience that goes far beyond just the Nativity story. Several thousand people attend each December, many returning every year to hear the greatest story ever told. 

As a faith community we are dedicated to helping the next generation become followers of Jesus and have embarked with new energy on a journey to better accomplish this--investing in families and children. Saturday mornings we have Bible classes for children of all ages as well as adults. 

Believing that spiritual growth happens best in community we have a small group ministry expereince in both the Spring and Fall. Ranging from groups dedicated to learning to play the recorder to walking groups, photography and various Bible study groups, there is something that will likely interest you. Contatct us for a list of our upcoming groups and to find out how you can join one that interests you and make new friends within an environment of faith. 

We would be happy to have you join us on a Saturday morning for worship or at one of the church events listed on our calendar.


Lead Pastor: Jon Terry

Jon has been on staff at Roseville for just over 8 years and in the lead role for over 5. Rather than running the show or leading every event, Jon is increasingly coming to see his leadership role as leveraging his leadership position to empower others to lead well in their respective ministry roles. He loves helping people find a place to serve that fits their giftedness, be that inside or outside the church. He is an engaging speaker and has a heart for people. Jon has a B.A. in pastoral ministry and a Masters in Divinity from Andrews University. Favorite hobbies include biking (mtn and road), skiing, backpacking, international travel, and a recent interest in videography. He has been married to Clara, the love of his life, for over 10 years. 

You can email him here

Treasurer: Walter Murray

Coming to this position after a career in computer systems, Walter joined our staff in 2016. Organized, efficient, thorough, and always looking for ways to improve our processes, he has been a great fit as Treasurer. You'll find him in his church office most days. He is also an accomplished pilot. Walter and his wife, Carol Lee, have been married for 30 years and enjoy local travel times together when he is not preparing financial reports. 

You can email him here

Administrative Secretary: Karen Koehler

Karen has a long history at Roseville. In her younger days she served as secretary to the then current pastor and now, after an early retirment from her position as a legal secretary, she has returned to provide Administrative and secretarial support to the Roseville staff. Her positive attitude pervades the office. We are delighted that she returned to serve the Roseville Church. Karen enjoys singing in several church praise teams in the area and is a very happy grandmother. 

You can email her here

Custodian: Ed Terry

With a history in business as the owner of two corporations--Building Maintenance & Commercial and Residential Painting--Ed has an eye for detail. He joined our staff in 2013 and we couldn't be happier. Ed takes pride in keeping our facilities clean and neat and sees his work as integral to helping our church advance God's kingdom and better represent Him. Step inside one of our buildings and you'll see this for yourself. Ed is married to Linda, his wife of 42 years, and they enjoy running and biking together in their free time. Together with his wife, Linda, Ed also heads up our In Steps For Life ministry--a church based ministry to inspire others to make exercise a part of their daily lives. 

Adventist People Connected from Garrett Caldwell on Vimeo.

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