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Drop Your Rock -- February 26, 2017
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Drop Your Rock -- February 26, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 4:30 pm.


You are invited to the official launching of Women’s Ministries at Roseville Church.

Please come and enjoy our first quarterly “Meet and Greet” and find out what NEW and exciting things that God has “missioned” for Women’s Ministries… all things that YOU have the opportunity to participate in.


There will be time to sit and enjoy quality time with those women you already know in our church, time to get to know those you only “see” from across the sanctuary each week.

A light vegan/vegetarian (gluten free optional) AND diabetic/heart healthy meal will be provided, a short program called “Dropping Your Rock”  and dedication of all who attend will follow.

After, Women’s Ministries will present exactly WHAT WOMEN’S MINISTRIES IS AND WILL BE at Roseville Church, from the God inspired conception of this Ministry to what and how each “Sub Ministry/Small Group” that has come to fruition is and will be overseen by Women’s Ministries.

Team Leaders of each “Sub Ministry/Small Group” will talk about their Ministry passion, what the focus of the first Small Group Study for that specific Ministry will be, how you can become involved in that specific Ministry and MORE!



Ladies-  Women’s Ministries is about YOU.  Women’s Ministries is for you.

You may be telling yourself that “I have no intention of becoming involved in a Ministry”, “I have no time to get involved with anything else”, “MINISTRY IS NOT MY THING”…


If you fit into the categories above, I encourage you to just take the time to spend a few hours on YOU and your relationships anyway- no strings attached.